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Insect Repellent 98% (Dozen)
With just one application, Chemco's strongest repellent will protect you from biting insects, includ..
Insect Repellent 15% (Dozen)
Insect Repellent 15% is an EPA Registered and USDA authorized personal insect repellent.  Conta..
Insect Repellent 25% (Dozen)
Insect Repellent 25% is an EPA Registered and USDA authorized personal insect repellent.  Conta..
Insect Killer - Fly Away (Dozen)
A synthetic pyrethroid for controlling the following household flying and crawling insects: Housefli..
Wasp & Hornet Killer - Wasp Away (Dozen)
Wasp & Hornet Killer - Wasp Away Wasp Away is a new synthetic pyrethroid for controlling Hous..
Wasp and Hornet Killer - Buzzsaw (Dozen)
This powerful aerosol features two key ingredients to make it one of the most versatile insecticides..
Indoor Insect Fogger - Room Service (Dozen)
Room Service is an odorless, non-staining, non-flammable, foggin mist that covers a wide treatment a..
Bed Bug Killer Spray - Dead Bugs
Long Lasting - Controls pests up to 4 weeks! Multi-purpose insect spray. Directions: SHAKE ..
Fire Ant Extension Tubes (10 Tubes per Box)
Fire Ant Extension Tubes Fire Ant Extension Tubes - Fire Ant Extension Tubes - Fire Ant Extension Ro..
Fire Ant Killer - Demise Fire Ant and Insect Dyhydrator (Dozen)
This powdered insecticide saps the life out of fire ants and other insects by literally draining the..
Fire Ant Killer - Fire Ant Spray (Dozen)
"Fire Ant Killer Fire Ant Killer- Fire Ant Spray - Commercial Grade Fire Ant Insecticide. Mound Pene..
Flying Insect Killer - FIK -Flying Insect Killer (Dozen)
This aerosol insecticide contains fast-acting Tetramethrin and d-Phenothrin to provide fast knockdow..
Fog Kill - Flying Insect Killer - Dozen
A new synthetic pyrethroid high-potency bug killer for general area elimination of flying insects. I..
Gel Bait Injector Kit - Maxforce Bait Injector Kit
Injector kit comes with a caulking type gun and 5 boxes of (600 grams) gel bait. The gun allows for ..
Insect & Lice Killer - Lice Killer (Dozen)
Lice Killer provides rapid control of lice (body lice, head lice, crabs, nits) and chiggers on perso..
Insect Killer d-Limonene -dBug (Dozen)
Made with the all-natural ingredient d-Limonene, this liquid insecticide is safe to use around human..
Insect Killer Malathion - Malathion 57% (Gallon)
This water-dilutable, broad spectrum insecticide is used to control pesky insects both indoors and o..
Insect Killer Permethrin - Extinct - Insecticide (Dozen)
This ready-to-use liquid insecticide is capable of controlling a wide range of annoying insects. Its..
Insect Killer Pyrathrin - Quick Strike Insecticide (Gallon)
This ready-to-use, water-based liquid insecticide offers instant contact control of crawling and fly..
Insect Killer Spray - CIK --Crawling Insect Killer (Dozen)
Formulated with Tetramethrin, this aerosol insecticide effectively eliminates crawling insects like ..

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