Municipal Care Products

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Rubberized Flexible Undercoating  - SUPER FLEX (Dozen)
Super durable flex coating used to seal in and patch around flashings gutters, vent pipes and roofin..
Sewer Digestant - Digestase SDE 340 (Priced per Pound)
This product utilizes the powerful waste digesting abilities of natural enzymes and bacteria. It is ..
YD-75 - Tank Saver and Hose Lubricant (Gallon)
This essential additive inhibits rust formation and prevents sticking valves in water tanks and boos..
Metal Protectant - Metal Coat (Gallon)
Metal Coat, a new specifically developed based metal coating, forms a slick surface on blades of law..
Odor Eliminator - Odor Away (Gallon)
This product quickly dissolves grease and slime in septic tanks, cesspools, grease traps, drainage f..

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