Settling Agent Flocculent - Chemco Floc (Gallon)

Settling Agent Flocculent - Chemco Floc (Gallon)
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Applied over a filtration bed, this flocculent will provide rapid clarification of effluent. Waste treatment plant capacity will be increased and costs cut.  In ponds or lagoons, sludge and silt will be precipitated, reducing muddiness and clarifying the water. Biodegradable, harmless to human-beings, animals, fish and plant life.

This cationic polymer flocculent is designed for fast and efficient clarification of waste water in industrial waste systems and municipal waste treatment facilities.  It uses high molecular weight polymer for rapid settling of solids and suspended debris.  This formula is easy to handle and dispense, and will help increase the waste handling capacity of the system and reduce operating costs.

This biodegradable setlling agent is non-toxic and will not harm fish or wildlife when used as directed.  Typical applications include primary and secondary clarifier, digesters, settling ponds and basins and reservoirs.


Accomplish rapid and complete mixing with waste stream by:

  1. Addition of coagulant to waste stream before an area of turbulence, e.g. Parshall flume, proportional weir, etc..
  2. Use of a portable mixer placed at a point of addition of coagulant.
  3. Addition of coagulant as close as possible to the sewage outfall, or as far ahead of the primary clarifier as possible.

These methods will result in optimum coagulation as they assure contact between the coagulant and all of the suspended solids.

Drip into waste stream before the primary clarifier. Possible ponts of addition are at the sewage outfall, before the bar screen and/or communicator, before the grit removal chamber, or before the flow measuring devices such as the Parshall flume or proportional weirs. Point of addition will depend upon the design of each individual plant, but follow direction 3 on left panel. Rate of addition is controlled by the use of a ball valve or a proportioning pump.



50,000                100,000           500,000           1,000,000


7                         14                 70                    140


Two to four gallons per 1,000,000 gallons of water will provide a long lasting treatment for muddiness. Spread flocculent evenly over entire area. A simple method is to pour it slowly in back of a small outboard powered boat. This distributes and mixes the material and results can be seen almost immediately.

  • Ponds
  • Lakes
  • Lagoons
  • Waste stream
  • Filtration bed
  • Removes suspended solids from waste water
  • Lowers B.O.D. of effluent
  • Relieves Bio-loading of trickling filters
  • Conditions settled sludge and aid in its digestion.
  • Increases the efficiency of de-watering and increases efficiency of other procedures
  • Non-toxic to sewage digestion bacteria and micro-organisms
  • Removes a greater amount of solids.

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