Gas Additive - Dry Gas (Gallon)

Gas Additive - Dry Gas (Gallon)
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Chemco Dry Gas is a balanced formula to increase the operating efficiency and performance levels of today's high compression engines. Chemco Dry Gas' following ingredients and their functions accomplish the following:

  1. Methoanol: Absorbs moisture and water and helps it burn off.
  2. Xylene: Dissolves the gum, varnishes and waxes formed due to the reaction of absorbed moisture with fuel sulfur.
  3. Aliphatic Distillates: Increase octane rating of the fuel like #2 and thus helps it burn more efficiently
  4. Detergents: Just enough to clean the engine parts under high heat conditions.

Chemco Dry Gas removes gum, carbon, varnish deposits. Cleans injectors and carburators. Reduces engine wear. Absorbs moisture and thus improves mileage. Chemco Dry Gas is truly a multi-purpose conditioner as it can be used by virtually all motor vehicles and stationary engines operating on gasoline, diesel, and kerosene.

Heating system - 1 gallon per 1000 gallons fuel oil for system in good condition, 2 to 4 gallon per 1000 gallon of fuel oil for system in poor condition. Preventative maintenance - 1 pint per 1000 gallon to keep tank lines, nozzles and strainer in top condition.

Diesel engines - one quart per 125-250 gallons of diesel fuel. To correct excessive smoking, hard starting, add 2 quarts per 125 gallons fuel. Check filter regular. Treat bulk storage 1 gallon per 1000 gallon.

Gasoline engines - use 3 fluid ounces of additivefor every 24 gallons of gasoline. This is equivalent to 1 gallon additive for every 1000 gallons of gasoline.

  • Diesel Engines
  • Gasoline Engines
  • Furances using Diesel Oil
  • Provides all weather protection
  • Solves the problem of diesel fuel instability
  • Provides cleaner and more efficient operation of system
  • Prevents frozen lines and carburetor icing
  • Saves battery
  • Suppresses excessive smoking
  • Removes moisture
  • Cleans pumps lines and injectors

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